Manarr Films is a production company based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. We produce documentary portraits sitting on the principle of storytelling, to provide a new look at today's and tomorrow’s trades. Our films also fit as well in the promotional process of an activity than in the creation of unique films. We place the manual skills at the heart of our work because we believe in its richness and diversity. Our goal is: to bring back into light arts and crafts in all their nobility, avoiding traps and fashions ephemerality, because this is the future of man, the one who can create, build and pass on. Workers, musicians, sculptors and bakers, they are above all women and men who inspire us and bring authenticity and poetry to stories we tell through them, so that the knowledge becomes the outreach.
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« Now his face is entirely smeared and powdered with marble dust, so that he looks like a baker, he is covered with small marble splinters, so that it seems as if it snowed on his back, and his house is full of stone splinters, and dust.  »

 Léonard Da Vinci

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Work in progress

Shooting of a documentary portrait

Chevailler Patrick is 68 years old, well no sorry, he is 20 years old with 48 years of experience. First medical doctor, now mainly a painter, often horticulturist, computering by moments, plumber, electrician and butcher at times, actually which ever, when its needed. He’s part of theses peoples who can do anything. We went to meet him in the Grenadines, for him to lend us some of his charming knowledge.

2014 / 04 / 14

Shooting of a documentary portrait

Manarr Films is currently filming a documentary on Antonio « Toni » Rodriguez, Cuban-born painter who left Cuba several years ago to live in France. Now resident of 59 rue de Rivoli, in Paris, he tries somehow to manage his time between his art and excesses of a life of wandering.

2014 / 03 / 26

Editing of a documentary portrait

Mr Noel lives in Burgundy on a 40 hectares plot of forest at the end of the local airfield. Now over 70 years old, he’s a retired baker away from the world. In this little corner of paradise where his grounds gives him almost everything he needs to live, he has a « joie de vivre » like no other.
But in his wooden lodge he built alone, comes back old memories from an Algerian war that left it’s mark…

2014 / 03 / 25